PvanOrganics Turmeric X Lemon

PvanOrganics wanted to create a brand new collection within their range of organic skincare products. Their vision was to have a Turmeric X Lemon product collection that would give you a Brighter Complexion In The Most Natural Manner. Each product contains natural ingredients to enhance your skincare routine.



The aim was to focus on the turmeric and lemon ingredient combination and to keep it consistent across all of the products from small to large. We wanted to create a design that used the bright colours of the ingredients to stand out on the shelf but would also work in a natural environment.

Texture background compressed.jpg

We have been working with Digital Bear Design for over a year now and I have enjoyed every moment of it.


I strongly admire their work ethic and professionalism. Their work is outstanding and they deliver an exceptional customer service satisfaction.


They are highly professional, efficient and reliable. You will definitely get the value of your money.