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Crafting innovative & sustainable designs that 
are authentic & stand out on the shelf

We create strategic branding and packaging designs that bring your story and visions to life. From eco-friendly materials through to special finishes we can deliver you eye-catching and cost effective solutions. 

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Are you...

A driven and motivated business looking to develop or refresh your packaging designs?

A start-up or already an established brand who are on the mission to creative an innovative design that will stand out from your competitors?

Wanting to create a stand-out brand that is innovative and doesn’t follow the trends?

In the need for sustainable and authentic packaging that is eco-friendly from start to finish?

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We love to work with organic and wellness brands who are looking to have a positive impact on peoples health and wellbeing. 

Being sustainable doesn’t mean that it has to be dull! 

Our aim is to take you on a journey where you will discover what your purpose is and how you can reflect your brand values within your packaging. We reinvent and bring visions to life through strategic and innovative designs that reflect your purpose, values and consumer goals. 

We have a 1:1 process that will lead you to a magical design that you could have only dreamt of. 

See some of our recent projects



Naturekiss’d Hair & Skin are a pure and organic company who wanted a brand refresh as their packaging was not performing as optimally as it could have been. 

We came up with a strategic approach to Naturekiss’d designs, resolving their problems and creating an approach that is more effective on packaging and optimised on different platforms without stripping it’s identity away from its roots.

Melanin Natural

Melanin Natural are a family owned business who makes handmade soap and cream products. They had a challenge where their branding and packaging designs were not consistent across their range. This resulted in a lack of brand awareness and product sales.

The solution was to come up with a new brand identity and packaging design that would stand out from the crowd and be cohesive across their product range.


Turmeric X Lemon

PvanOrganics vision was to have a Turmeric & Lemon product collection that would give you a Brighter Complexion In The Most Natural Manner. 

Each product contains natural turmeric and lemon ingredients to enhance your skincare routine.


We wanted to create a design that would be versatile and used the bright colours of the ingredients to stand out on the shelf but would also work in a natural environment.  

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What Others Say...

Working with Digital Bear Design is like having a first class branding team by your side.

They have a brilliant process for turning your initial concept into a great design, and are very good at communicating each step so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the process. They take great care to understand your brand’s core values so that these are reflected in the overall design, and will go the extra mile to make you’re 100% happy with everything.

I’m delighted with my new branding, and Nicole from Digital Bear Design will be my go to person for anything design-related from now on. I can highly recommend them for your next project.

Mary Cummings • Naturekiss’d Hair & Skin