Naturekiss'd organic botanical facial oils in a series of dropper bottles

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We love creating beautiful, smart and impactful designs that reflect your business goals and values. From a fresh brand identity, packaging to websites. 

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FITSELF business cards design with gold foil


FitSELF helps busy professionals be their BEST self.
Based on a foundation of fitness, FitSELF uses exercise, nutrition and mindset to ensure success and improve all aspects of your life.
The client requested a rebranding of their logo, social media and print based materials.

Chloe Stevens Coaching

Chloe is a Canterbury based physiotherapist, nutritionist and certified life coach who helps busy Women in their 30’s to improve their mindset and relationship with their food and body.

Chloe wanted a complete brand refresh with a new brand identity, website design and printed items.

Chloe stevens coaching home website design
Naturekissd Hair and Skin business card design on wooden block next to leaves


Naturekiss’d Hair & Skin are a pure and organic company who wanted a brand refresh as their packaging was not performing as optimally as it could have been.


We came up with a strategic approach to Naturekiss’d designs, resolving their problems and creating an approach that is more effective on packaging and optimised on different platforms without stripping it’s identity away from its roots.

Melanin Natural

Melanin Natural are a family owned business who makes handmade soap and cream products. They had a challenge where their branding and packaging designs were not consistent across their range. This resulted in a lack of brand awareness and product sales.

The solution was to come up with a new brand identity and packaging design that would stand out from the crowd and be cohesive across their product range.

Melanin Natural Herbal Vanilla and lavender body cream on a purple background with ingredients
Man wearing white t-shirt with Luis Royden Fitness logo design


Having worked with a number of 7 figure Global fitness brands over the years, combined with fitness being one of our favourite passions this sets us apart as one of the leading brand experts. 

We specialise in helping fitness coaches who are eager to develop their branding and improve their business to become a better coach and achieve great results for their clients.

Each brand has it’s own unique identity and niche within the fitness and nutrition industry.

PvanOrganics Turmeric X Lemon

PvanOrganics vision was to have a Turmeric & Lemon product collection that would give you a Brighter Complexion In The Most Natural Manner. 

Each product contains natural turmeric and lemon ingredients to enhance your skincare routine.


We wanted to create a design that would be versatile and used the bright colours of the ingredients to stand out on the shelf but would also work in a natural environment.  

Pvanorganics turmeric x lemon body and face cosmetic range

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