Naturekiss'd Hair & Skin


To rebrand and refresh Naturekiss'd Hair & Skin logo design, packaging and online presence. Naturekiss'd Hair & Skin creates plant-based and organic skincare products for people who have sensitive and problem skin.


Naturekiss'd Hair & Skin's previous logo was not performing optimally on their packaging and it was not versatile across different platforms such as print and social media. These problem areas helped me to come up with a solution that would be more effective on packaging and optimised on different platforms.

As Naturekiss'd Hair & Skin are a pure and organic company I decided to strip back the logo to its bare necessities, removing the leaves and vines to reflect the brands natural beliefs.

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Old Logo


New Logo



On Naturekiss'd Hair & Skin's previous packaging the logo was not visible as it was placed on the side of pack. The description information was also not visible in the product photography. 

We wanted to refresh the packaging and strip it back to an informative, no nonsense and does what it says on the label approach. This reflects the brands values and focuses on the informative side rather than being distracted by any beautiful illustrations. The packaging is also clear to what the product is and no guess work has to be made by the consumer. 

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Working with Digital Bear Design is like having a first class branding team by your side.

They have a brilliant process for turning your initial concept into a great design, and are very good at communicating each step so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the process. They take great care to understand your brand’s core values so that these are reflected in the overall design, and will go the extra mile to make you’re 100% happy with everything.

I’m delighted with my new branding, and Nicole from Digital Bear Design will be my go to person for anything design-related from now on. I can highly recommend them for your next project.

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Naturekiss'd Rejuvenate Body Butter Visu
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Naturekiss'd Gentle Clense Facewash Visu
Naturekiss'd Soothe & Calm Soap Visual V