Fitness is one of our favourite passions and is a great hobby of ours. Over the years we have met a lot of people on our journey and especially fitness coaches who have been eager to develop their branding and improve their business to become a better coach and achieve great results from their clients.

You can view our most recent fitness projects below. Each brand has it's own unique identity and niche within the fitness and nutrition industry.

Luis Roydon Fitness

Luis Roydon is a transformation coach who helps males who lack confidence between the ages of 20-35 become the best version of themselves through fitness. I wanted to create a strong and bold logo for Luis that would capture the attention of his target audience.

We wanted it to be simple and effective but also represent what he does best, fitness. Luis also wanted something that his young clients would be happy to wear on merchandise and support his brand. We have incorporated the fitness element by including a circle above the ‘R’ to create the effect of someone running. The blue and orange colour palette compliment each other as they are vibrant colours they help to capture the attention of the millennial audience.


Liam Treacy Coaching

Liam Treacy Coaching helps people optimise their performance, body composition, health and fitness. He wanted to create a logo that was personal to his name and something that was modern and stylish for his target audience of 20-35 year olds. Part of his brand mission was to create merchandise for his clients and he wanted a logo design that could be applied to multiple print formats. The design needed to be approachable and something his clients didn't mind wearing or promoting. 


Brittany's Quest

Brittany's Quest is to educate, motivate and inspire women to be the best versions of themselves. She wants to help navigate the truth about nutrition and provide fitness routines. She is located in Los Angeles and is a Certified Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Brittany wanted her logo to be approachable to women and also have a personalised touch. The pink is a vibrant colour to capture the attention of her target audience and it represents the confidence she wants her clients to achieve. The 'Quest' is handwritten to symbolise the personalised aspect of her coaching and brand.


Achieve 365

Achieve 365 helps people to Achieve the body they want without following another diet. The aim of the company is to help people get lasting results 365 days of the year through coaching and accountability by Bart Taylor.

We wanted to incorporate a circular symbol within the logo of Achieve 365 as it represents the 365 days in a year. As Bart Taylor's goals are to help clients for a long period of time it represents a continuous cycle of the programme. We have lined up the letter 'H' and numbers '65' to give the effect of a continuous flow throughout the logo.


GO Training

GO Training is an online coaching programme who helps people relieve pain and loose fat for a higher quality of life. They aim to educate people on how to perform exercises correctly and relieve mobility pain. GO Training wanted to take a bold and sporty approach with their logo design. They also wanted to incorporate a gold colour scheme to appear more premium as they offer additional services such as mobility training to relieve pain rather than only offering an online coaching service.


CD Training

Curtis came to Digital Bear Design to help him rebrand his company, CD Training. The logo he was previously using is on the left below, he wanted a logo design that was more modern and represented his brand more precisely. Curtis helps men between the age of 20-30 feel more confident through fitness. We have come up with a logo design that brings out the personality of his brand and is better suited to what he does best, online coaching and personal training.

CD training logo design with barbells on blue and white background
CD Training barbell logo design on business cards
CD Training barbell logo design on blue notebook cover with weekly tabs