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To come up with a new brand identity and website for Chloe Stevens Coaching. Chloe is a Canterbury based physiotherapist, nutritionist and certified life coach who helps busy Women in their 30’s to improve their mindset and relationship with their food and body.


I wanted to come up with a brand identity that was more feminine as Chloe's target audience are Women in their 30's. I also wanted it to be modern, flexible and incorporate a holistic approach to reflect all of the different areas that Chloe is qualified for. It was also important to have a secondary logo as the majority of her services are sold online. It had to be legible and adaptable across different online platforms.

I decided to use a Serif typeface which I then altered for Chloe's first and surname as it gave the logo more character which reflected her personality and it had more of a feminine appearance. I also made the 'L' longer and put the 'O' above it to give it a more unique appearance and make 'Chloe' appear more dominant over 'Stevens' as she is on first name terms with her clients. This helps Chloe's name in the logo to come across more friendly and approachable.

Previous to the new branding, Chloe used lots of pink and red tones throughout her online platforms. I wanted to continue this theme with her new brand identity. I came up with the colour combination of a soft and feminine red with a complimentary beige pink to help her brand stand out and attract the right audience.


New Logo


New Logo


To compliment Chloe's primary and secondary logo design I wanted to create a brand pattern that reflected her personality and services. This will help people to have a better understanding of what Chloe's business is about and it's a fun way to express what she does best.

As part of the solution I wanted Chloe's branding to be versatile where she can use a different logo version for each section of her business without taking anything away from her core name, Chloe Stevens. I have achieved this by placing Chloe's different qualified titles in a rounded shape above her name. This has also been applied to the secondary logo with having her name above her initials and her title underneath.



Website Design

As part of Chloe's rebrand she also wanted to come up with a new website design. This features her online services, qualifications, client transformations and her new strap line, Mood, Food, Move which are daily challenges for her clients.

Chloe wanted a clean, modern and holistic approach that will attract potential clients of Women in their 30's who want to loose body fat, without wasting precious time in the gym or kitchen.
I began the process with a site map to have a good structure in place and to make sure we include everything necessary. I then came up with a moodboard to reflect the overall look and feel of the website. We decided to go with more neutral and soft tones with elements of her red throughout the site. This gave it more of a fresh vibe with the background and images in tones of pink and white with headings, buttons and call to actions standing out in the red.

Chloe Website Moodboard.jpg

Home Page


The Home Page features what Chloe can offer, what qualifications she has and what online services she provides. Chloe strongly believes that supportive evidence is key to being held accountable to what she has accomplished within her business. It also provides proof to what she can offer other potential clients. Based on this I have incorporated logos from qualifications that she has passed and client testimonials on the Home and Services page.

The Services Page goes into more detail about Chloe's online packages and includes in depth client testimonials from people who have been on the programmes and achieved their goals. There are also video testimonials to make the website more interactive. The About Page features more of Chloe and her background, going into more depth of what she has achieved over the last few years.

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Digital Bear Design have taken my business to the next level by creating beautiful branding and a fantastic website.


They really listened to my passions and business philosophies and brought my vision to life.


Their communication was fantastic. Always responding to my questions quickly and supporting me to make decisions with their wealth of knowledge. Investing in their service was the best decision I made for my business last year and I will continue to outsource all of my design and website work to them in the future.


About Page


Services Page


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